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Flutists and harpists do not adjust their melody or rhythm according to the taste of the multitude, they base it on what suits themselves. Why, then, should the wise man, who is the practitioner of a far greater art, follow the pleasure of the crowd, instead of pursuing the truth without regard to popular pressures?

Marcus Tullius Cicero - On the Good Life

1971, Penguin Classics - libgen.lc

Becoming is inventing, willing, self-denying, self-overcoming; no subject but an action, it places things, it is creative, no "causes and effects."

The Will to Power

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

For example, males usually compete for access to females, rather than vice versa. There are good evolutionary reasons for this, and there are clear evolutionary consequences, too; for instance, men are more aggressive than women.

Matt Ridley

The Red Queen

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