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Hi, I’m Louis, I am a carbon-based bipedal life form descended from an πŸ’. In 2022 I made 4000 contributions on GitHub, read 93 books, and written 700,000 words on a public Obsidian. I also founded an AI startup that got incubated in the latest Techstars batch. I am currently building Embedbase, the open-source API to easily create, store, and retrieve embeddings as part of OrangeDAO F1 fellowship.

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Rather than just raising cash as they grow their businesses, the smartest entrepreneurs select venture capitalists who can deliver valuable services. The best venture capitalists have access to the best networks, which further amplifies their value.

Tren Griffin - A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs

2017, Columbia University Press

The so-called instinct of causality is nothing more than the fear of the unfamiliar, and the attempt at finding something in it which is already known.β€”It is not a search for causes, but for the familiar.

The Will to Power

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

β€œI thought of my absolute rejection of death as the natural order.”

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

Eliezer Yudkowsky

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