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Hi, I’m Louis, I am a carbon-based bipedal life form descended from an πŸ’. I like programming (machines or humans), reading, writing, and thinking. I’m trying to be less wrong every day, I’m delighted by artificial intelligence, fundamental sciences, epistemology, rationality and transhumanism.

I am co-founder and CTO of inkdrop.ai, join us πŸ₯°. I’m crazy about big questions, and don’t like weather-conversations so I created langa.me.


🌊 My memory stream

Here is a list of some of my inputs and outputs, my memory stream.

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We’re looking for extraordinary entrepreneurs who can create very large businesses. After eighteen years and backing over one hundred entrepreneurs, I’ve learned it’s a rare person who has the combination of attributes to get through the challenges of a startup and create a large company that changes our lives.”

Tren Griffin - A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs

2017, Columbia University Press

We distinguish ourselves, the agents, from the action, and everywhere we make use of this schemeβ€”we try to discover an agent behind every phenomenon.

The Will to Power

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Why sex? Surely there are features of human nature other than this one overexposed and troublesome procreative pastime: True enough, but reproduction is the sole goal for which human beings are designed;

The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature

Matt Ridley

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