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For a personality to be possible, timely isolation and the necessity for an existence of offence and defence, are prerequisites;

The Will to Power

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Sel-ontented a he is, ten, he doe need fend - ad wants as many of them a possible - but not to eable him to lead a happy life; t he will have even without fends. The spreme ideal does not cl for ay exter aids. It is home grow, wholly self-developed. Once it start looking outide itselfor any pat ofitselit i on the way to beig domated by fortne.

Seneca - Letters From a Stoic

Penguin, 1969

There are two possibilities. Either you close your eyes and become dogmatic, become a Christian or a Hindu or a Mohammedan … then you become like an ostrich. It doesn’t change life; it simply closes your eyes. It simply makes you stupid, it simply makes you unintelligent. In your unintelligence you feel secure—all idiots feel secure. In fact, only idiots feel secure. A really alive man will always feel insecure. What security can there be?

(Osho Insights for a New Way of Living) Osho - Courage_ the Joy of Living Dangerously



Hi, I’m Louis, I do a lot of software bricolage and book reading.
I enjoy learning every day about philosophy, hard sciences and of course everything around software (2.0).
I’m a practitioner of no/very low carb diet (since 2019)(and I’m still alive, are grains for humans?),
hormesis and such natural stressors human evolved in (inverse, always inverse).

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